We just bought a Viceroy house who was built in 2001 and we ask for the warranty for the roof because the roof (12 years) is fully of moisture and the skylights are finished (I joint the answer at the end of this comment) but the answer is the warranty is just for the first owner!!! Everyone are saying the viceroy house are the best but could you understand why a roof after 12 years only is completely finished and the the warranty is not for the house is just for the owner. So I could understand if the house is 25 years and the warranty is normal but a house of 12 years it's unexplicable!!!!

If someone of you want to buy a house who is already built by Viceroy ask a very good inspector and put a special clause in your buying paper because right now, because we bought it in winter time and the inspector can't go on the roof, we have to re-do it and no one will help us.

The verdict: Viceroy is not the best it just looks like the best!!!

Here is the answwer:

Good morning ,

And thank you for your inquiry.

The Viceroy Warranty on the house is non-transferrable which means it is extended to the original purchaser only.


Norval Bateman

Customer Service Representative

Viceroy Homes Limited

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Total ***!!!...i can see why you are not happy...who cares what owner has the home...its the roof not the floors!!!!..Its a slimy way of getting out of repairs...i just purchased a viceroy built in 2003 and the shingles on the house are inferior ***!!!

No wonder they filed for protection...pathetic...:(

Pickering, Ontario, Canada #1070861

I live in a 12 year old neighbourhood in Ajax Ontario.All the roofing shingles have deteriorated and are being replaced.

This is because by law asbestos has been removed from roofing shingles.There is no such thing as a 25 year warranty on asphalt roofing shingles any more.

Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada #889302

Typical of Viceroy's response - The Viceroy representative as usual refuses to offer customer support and never takes responsibility.The customer is always wrong - In this case the roof not the owner or owners should have the warranty.

It's just another escape for Viceroy to avoid responsibility - Best option - Avoid dealing with them.They are strictly salespeople with no moral compass.

Alliston, Ontario, Canada #810649

I am an original owner and they did not warranty my shingles.I went after IKO and had two year old shingles replaced but they are already after 4 years warping and peeling and need to be replaced again.

I have contacted Viceroy a number of times over the last three weeks and have had no reply.

Also my Hardi plank siding was a disaster and I had to personally go to the Viceroy office to get any satisfaction.In the end it was Hardi plank who honored the warranty and not Viceroy nor the original builder A&R Carpentry.

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